Bang It Out. At the point that you’ve set down at your laptop, and decided this was the moment you have to sit down and “bang it out” – you are already stressed. The point that you walk into that room in your house and decide this is the day and moment to tackle it, or “bang it out,” you are already stressed. We often put things off to the last minute, and sometimes without legitimate excuse creating a stressful environment where one is not needed. Of course there are cases where you are literally so consumed with other things in your life that the last minute is the opportune moment for you to “bang it out.” You are either person A, the procrastinator, or you are person B, the over-committer. Regardless of which you are, you are prone to habitually creating stressful situations for yourself. How do you defeat yourself? Of course my obvious solution is for you to “bang it out” with Hysterics. More importantly, it’s time for you to “bang out” this behavior and decide to make a change – be productive about the use of your time in a fashion that does not stress you and bring you to the point where it’s time to “bang it out!”