The pace of this rat race life we live seems to increase by the day. There’s a sense of urgency behind everything that we do, and we are hypervigilant over how every second of every day is spent and making sure not one is wasted. When we have had just about all we can take, we decide its vacation time except the vacation is consumed with trying to get as much in as possible that we never notice that we never really stopped running and took a break until that feeling of “I need a vacation from the vacation” – of course it’s too late now because it’s back to work, back to the kids and all of their activities, back to the significant other, back to family, back to friends – and the cycle continues until you decide to take another “alleged” break!
It’s never hard to decide that we need to “unplug” and take a break. It is not hard to take the actual break, but the difficulty lies in actually taking a break that’s rejuvenating and where you have actually taken a true pause in life. That’s what we offer at Hysterics, a Break Away Plan that can be highly rejuvenating and therapeutic in a short amount of time – better than your action-packed (5) day vacation. The bigger bonus is that we come to you (vacations unfortunately never come to you)!! We offer you the convenient opportunity to step away from life – the uncooperative significant other, the nagging kids, the boss who has no concept of work-life balance – and do something more exhilarating than any deep breath you have ever taken. The Break Away Plan with Hysterics is simple, BOOK NOW (or convince your boss to, we’re sure he/she needs it more than you!)!