Unfortunately, we single parents are multiplying in number and the job doesn’t get any easier. Unless you live down the street from Grandma and Grandpa who are always willing to watch your child(ren), life is that much more difficult. Your network is built on unreliable high school or college student babysitters or the neighbor or friends or whoever else is willing in your time of need. God bless the person who came up with the drop-in childcare services in the shopping centers!!! I don’t know about you, but when I can take a trip to the grocery store by myself, it’s a great day at the grocery store!!
If your life looks anything like mine, there’s the kid that you have to wake up in the morning whose name you have to call 50 times minimally before they actually get out of the bed and then on to the next tune where you repeat “put your clothes on,” “brush your teeth,” “wash your face,” “put your shoes on,” or “eat your breakfast,” each 10 times minimally. It’s such a stressful process when it shouldn’t be. After you’re depleted – the kid is one – you feel like you could lay back down. However, that’s not an option because now you have to work, and if it’s a typical Monday, by the time you look at the time, it’s time to wrap up the busy work day and get the kid from school. If your kid is anything like mine, then every other night is some activity – cub scouts, swimming, soccer, running club, karate or whatever. Now you have to get home, provide dinner, do homework, read a book and get the kid to bed. Herein lies that decision making moment about what to do next – you could do some work (because there’s always work to do) or you could try to squeeze in that workout the rest of the day would not allow or return phone calls/talk to friends and family….either way, before you know it, it’s late and you’re exhausted.
I love that phrase, ‘there’s no rest for the weary,” – it makes me laugh (sarcastically of course). The truth is, it the weary who need to find rest. Easier said than done (like every other suggestion someone has to offer you)?? The harsh reality, although it was so plainly laid out above, is that while some days go according to plan, there are several that do not but we have gotten really good at quick adaptation because all you have is yourself to rely on. Hence, we have become professional jugglers — without the balls. The solution is simple, give a call to two like-minded, single parents – we’re jugglers who understand the struggle, and we know that you need Hysterics!