Teneisha Towe holds a Masters Degree in Psychology: Professional Counseling from Concordia University in River Forest Illinois. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, now with the Supervisor Credential, she has worked with youth and families connected with Child Welfare, Mental Health and Juvenile Justice Systems for over 20 years. She has spent the past 7 years with Methodist Home for Children as the Director of In-home Services and is a strong advocate with the North Carolina Local and Statewide Coalitions against Domestic & Sexual Violence. As a leader in her community, she is often recognized as a “Steward of the Worker Bee,” meaning, she seeks to nurture, support, teach, guide and develop the healthy professional. Her vision and work ethics include strategies that encourage healthy professional behaviors, practices, and positive self-care for the mind, body and spirit. She is also a wife to her devoted husband of 17 years and mother of two flourishing teenage girls.