Move on. Unfortunately, being the incredibly emotional creatures that we are, we tend to get ourselves stuck in bad relationships. I mean this can be any kind of relationship — one with a coworker, a significant other, a family member, etc. we get in situations where we put up with people because we think we have to although these people only contribute heartache, pain, stress or some other negative emotion. The worst is to have that relationship end, that person physically stripped from your life but yet you still carry them with you emotionally. You’re stuck trying to figure out how to move on. You’re perplexed as how this person has so quickly and successfully moved on from you. Or you feel a void from the time you would spend with this person. You’re wondering what to do with yourself instead of sitting around thinking about someone who was nothing less than toxic in your life. It further pisses you off when it’s months later and it still consumes you. It is time to MOVE ON! Step 1, release all of that negative energy in a session with Hysterics — it will be life-changing!!